Chikwanda should explain stalled projects

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda should explain why government projects have stalled despite funds being available to support them, says Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo

Bishop Mambo said  he was particularly concerned over  delays to start the construction of 650 health centres throughout Zambia which the PF had promised Zambians.

“Any pronouncement of infrastructure development cheers people, and creates anxiety in anticipation of such growth.  And what has happened to the funds meant for the construction of the much talked about 650 health posts across the country,” he asked

He said government should stop making political pronouncement but instead focus on feasible programmes,” he said. He said the Mr Chikwanda should indicate the amount of funds available for various projects in Zambia as well as the individual allocations and disbursements so far.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Health Dr Joseph Kasonde indicated government’s concern on the over the dawdling progress of work for the construction of 650 health posts targeting rural areas.

Bishop Mambo said the facilities meant to alleviate the long time suffering endured by most of those in the rural areas should be tabled as priority with sufficient funds.

He said that the same  should be  done for many other national projects including the Link 8000 and Lusaka’s L400 as  these were important to Zambians for improved mobility and accessibility around the country.

He said while the problem could be with individual contractors and alleged mismanagement of funds, government should indicate how much has been disbursed for the projects.

“It is heart breaking for the poor people eagerly expecting to the completion of these facilities to be kept waiting after the powerful pronouncements from the leaders.

“Government has obtained numerous resources including the Eurobond and other grants directed at improving infrastructure, but how much money is actually available?” he asked.

Bishop Mambo has since called for government’s commitment in the flow of funds from the Ministry of Finance by addressing the various hurdles in the disbursement process.

“50 years after independence, Zambians should be able to follow through government pronouncements within stipulated time to allow for serious matters not to lose direction,” he said.