Focus on manifestos, Masheke tells political parties

Former Prime Minister General Malimba Masheke has advised the opposition political parties to start focusing on their manifestos if they are to represent the people of Zambia in the future elections.

Gen Masheke said the growing differences among political leaders would only reduce their effectiveness in politics.

“There is no need for political leaders to differ on issues that can be resolved amicably if the parties can learn to work together,” he said.

He said that spending time quarrelling was of no use as for now because the people of Zambia wanted a leader who would perform and give them hope.

Gen Masheke said the continued attacks among politicians had greatly affected the development of the country, considering the high unemployment levels in the country.

He said that what the political leaders must understand was that at the end of the day Zambians were from the same family who may differ  on political agenda.

“It is the people who should judge and chose a leader of their choice, and fighting between leaders will just prove their weakness that might deny them their opportunities,” he said.

Gen Masheke said that every leader who meant well for the people should ensure poverty alleviation remained their priority when they formed government instead of attacking each other.

“The opposition parties must have one common goal to offer checks and balances to the sitting government and not to attack each other in public.

Gen Masheke said despite existence of arguments that my rise from time to time, these should be put aside when it came to matters of national interest.