Fourth Republic party president survives death

Suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres wielding machete last night abducted former Fourth Republic party interim president Lameck Kamalo.

Mr. Kamalo said that his life and that of his family was in constant danger as his enemies were using government operative machinery to get to him for accusing a top PF leader of being behind the leadership wrangles the ruling party was facing and  arranging schemes to undermine President Michael Sata’s leadership in the PF.

He said that the PF machete welding cadres waylaid him on his way from visiting his mother in SOS compound on  Great North Road at about 19:20 hours.

Mr. Kamalo said he was about to jump on an unregistered taxi parked near his mothers’ house, when he was approached by three men who had their faces covered. They later bundled him in another unregistered car parked about 30 meters away.

They  drove  him to an unknown place in the  Zani Muone area where they pushed him into a thatched house for interrogations while his face was covered.

Mr. Kamalo however vowed that he would not give up his struggles for a better Zambia.

“When they bundled me in the car, I could hear them arguing about my fate. The one who looked big and in control or the boss of the gang wanted me eliminated but the other two argued that they were not given such instructions,

“The only thing they were told to do with me was to discipline me and to make me denounce and refute stories published in the Daily Nation attributed to me about some PF top leaders ,” he said.

“ They made me kneel down and pray to God before they got one of the tyres from the car they were driving and put it around my neck demanding that I should apologise to them,” he explained.

Mr. Kamalo further explained that the whole ordeal was happening while his face was covered with a black cloth to stop him from identifying the people who abducted him.

“They demanded to know from me why I hate this top leader but I told them that I don’t hate him, he only betrayed me when we formed the Fourth Republic Party,” explained Mr. Kamalo.

Mr. Kamalo said that he was beaten and physically abused before he was dumped about 10 km away on the Great North Road towards Chisamba.

“I was left to die alone in the night in the cold bush by those thugs. I don’t know why the cartel wants me dead. Let them kill me instead of sending people to abduct me, abuse me, beat and assault me in the manner they have done. Just check what they have done to me,” he said as he showed  the reporter the injuries he suffered.

Mr. Kamalo also implored leaders in the PF to exercise tolerance and not to be vindictive to the level where they were ready to take the  life of someone for disagreeing with them and their ideologies.

“This is sad indeed for mother Zambia that even a poor person like me can be subjected to such treatment by leaders in the PF. Yes I was Fourth Republic Party interim president. I was just a face for that party but all the decisions and activities were conducted by other  senior members whom I will later name,” said Mr. Kamalo.

Asked whether he had reported the matter to Police, Mr. Kamalo said that he could not report the matter to police because the police service was infiltrated by PF cadres. “Who in the police will act over this matter if I reported when they worship leaders for appointments? Just a few months ago I reported a similar matter to police but one surprising thing is that even police was involved in my earlier attempted abduction. In that incident guns were used by a female thug who we later identified as a female police officer and was later cornered in Zimbabwe. But that matter has not gone anywhere,” said Mr. Kamalo.