Hone students protest “Nauseating” sanitation

Evelyn Hone College Students yesterday staged a class boycott dumping garbage bins at the college library near the Principal’s office demanding improved sanitation, security and a new college bus forcing management to suspend classes.

But Evelyn Hone College Principal Pascal Chewe has described the students action as uncalled for which was only going to disturb their school calendar.

The students at the tertiary institution in the heart of Lusaka have been demonstrating against poor sanitation and other conditions for a long time but management has not addressed their concerns.

The students were also angered by the decision by management to exclude some of the students from the graduation ceremony slated for Friday this week.

There was a reported high rate of failure with some courses registering an unprecedented zero pass rate.

The students said they had decided to show the general public how dirty the college had become because management had allegedly paid a deaf ear to their complaints.

“We are not scared of the media and we want to expose to the general public how dirty this college has become. We have been complaining about the filth and the dirt for a long time and before there is an outbreak of diseases, we want the authorities to know,” one student said.

The irate students closed all the gates into and out of the college chanting anti-management slogans and denounced Mr Chewe whom they accused of having failed to run the institution.

There was panic at the institution as hundreds of students were seen running away from the College campus for safety and for fear that management was going to unleash police officers who are their immediate neighbours.

But Mr Chewe, the Evelyn Hone College Principal said it was unacceptable for the students to have resorted to demonstrations instead of using their union leaders to air their grievances.

Mr Chewe said the college could not meet the students’ demands because of the challenges the institution was going through.

Mr Chewe who could not address the students who were camped at his office said the college would only be able to do what it can and that other demands would have to wait.

He said the students were disturbing their learning calendar and advised that it was important for them to use their union leaders to express their disquiet.

“The students have representatives which are their college union and it is our expectation that they should air their grievances without resorting to demonstrations. They are disturbing their school calendar by such actions. As management, we are only going to do what we are able to do,” Mr Chewe said.