UPND steps up war against POA

Opposition UPND says it is currently interacting with the international community over the continued abuse of the Public Order Act (POA) by the ruling PF government.

UPND chairman for international relations Mulondwe Muzungu said since government had shown no remorse over its administration of the Act, his party would also continue to engage the international community.

“We have been interacting with members the international community and other cooperating partners because their countries are democratic with good governance records,” Mr Muzungu said.

Without being specific as which countries UPND was dealing with, Mr Muzungu said UPND had been talking with other members of the international community who felt Zambia needed to be more democratic by discarding restrictions and repressive systems.

“There is a feeling that the Public Order Act in it present form should be changed because it has tied the hands of the opposition political parties and has allowed the political playing field to remain unequal which is not good in a country that is said to be democratic,” Mr Muzungu said.

He said democracy could never be achieved if the country’s political playing field had remained lopsided.

“The international community has got the message because we have interacted and written to them over the mismanagement of the Public Order Act,” Mr Muzungu said.

When asked if UPND had received any response from the international community, Mr Muzungu said most of them had issued statements urging government to amend the Public Order Act.

“If you have watched the press, some of them have made comments and they feel that there is need for Zambia to be more democratic than what is obtaining now,” he said.

“We know that the PF and its cadres are incorrigible, they will not change. This is part of their character to be violent,” he said. Mr Muzungu said that was why most people had started feeling that the only solution was to vote the PF out of government.