Western Province minister Limata faces sanctions

Luampa MMD Member of Parliament Josephine Limata is likely to face sanctions for destabilizing the former ruling party in Western Province, the party’s deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu has said.

Mr Nyangu said the party was receiving a lot of complaints that Ms Limata was causing a lot of confusion in Western Province in her effort to promote the agenda of the Patriotic Front (PF) under which she is a deputy Minister.

Mr Nyangu said although he had not received formal complaints from the MMD provincial executive, it had become clear that Ms Limata had become the enemy of the former ruling party and that disciplinary action would taken against her as soon as there was formal communication.

The MMD deputy national secretary said Ms Limata could not continue causing confusion in the MMD and that the former ruling party had given her enough time to reform but that it had become clear that she had rebelled against the party.

He said Ms Limata who is Western Province Minister had become so stubborn and truant that she had completely stopped associating herself with the MMD the party that sponsored her to contest the Luampa seat.

Mr Nyangu said the MMD in Western Province had challenged Ms Limata to resign from the party and join the PF but that she was scared of losing her seat but had continued distabilising the party in the region.

Mr Nyangu stated that there were no sacred cows in the MMD and that party would make sure that there was order and discipline among its members and warned that if reports that Ms Limata was campaigning against the former ruling party were there, she would have bought herself a ticket for expulsion.

“I have received a lot of complaints against Ms Limata that she is causing a lot of confusion. Although I have not received any formal complaints from the party in the region, it has become clear that Ms Limata is no longer serving the interest of the MMD and as soon as I get formal communication, action will be taken against her. She cannot continue causing confusion in our party. There no sacred cows in the MMD and let her know that her days are numbered,” Mr Nyangu explained. MMD is a disciplined party and we shall not allow individuals whose interest are to self themselves to continue frustrating our efforts of rebuilding the party for the 2016 general elections,” Mr Nyangu said.

And Mr Nyangu said the MMD was confident of retaining the Mangango seat because the former ruling party had the best candidate.

Mr Nyangu said the PF had made itself unpopular and undesirable because of its failed promises coupled with high levels of arrogance among its leaders.

He said never in the history of party politics had the party in power struggled to find a candidate and that the PF almost failed to field a candidate in Mangango constituency because no one was willing to face the shame of losing an election on the ruling party’s ticket.

Mr Nyangu said Zambians were missing the MMD and that they were eager to bring back the former ruling party because of its civility and dedication to the development of the country.

“We are definitely wining back the Mangango because of the quality of the candidate we are fielding. Zambians are missing the MMD and there is no doubt that they can vote for any other party. In fact the PF which is the ruling party had difficulties finding a candidate because no one was willing to take the risk of facing a humiliating defeat on the ruling party’s ticket.

So we are confident of retaining the Mangango seat,” Mr Nyangu said.