Airtel Zambia pays K2.3bn in taxes

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc has contributed about K2.3bn in taxes in the last three years.

This represented an average tax rate of 45 per cent which was above the previous rate.

Speaking at a media breakfast yesterday managing director Charity Lumpa hoped government would revise the rate.

Ms Lumpa said Airtel Networks Zambia Plc was the top tax payer in the communications sector.

Under the theme “Airtel – Four Years on”, Ms. Lumpa said Airtel would spend an additional $62m in operational expenditure to set up and run the expanded network.

“Airtel is a tax compliant company that has paid out a total of K2.3 billion in taxes in the last three years. In addition, we have this year embarked on an $80m nationwide expansion program that will see improved coverage and improve quality by the end of 2014,

“To serve our customers better, we are investing $3m in the refurbishment of shops including 75 Express shops across Zambia that will improve contact experience using our distributor network,” Ms. Lumpa said.

Ms. Lumpa also said the company had adopted an effective business model that ensures focus on its core business; improved quality, and rationalized operating costs.

“This model ensures that we recruit, train and equip our people who we develop to be the best in class.  We will also continue to focus on growing and exposing our local talent to enhance capabilities and competences in various disciplines,” she said

She informed the media that 18 local members of staff have been seconded to various Africa Airtel operations on short term assignments since 2010.

Ms Lumpa indicated that all the investment in the people, network and distribution was aimed at improving customer experience and service delivery.

Ms Lumpa also announced that in 2014, Airtel would significantly invest in various initiatives across Zambia mainly in the education and health sectors as such were Airtel’s key focus areas in its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.