Fake doctor jailed 4 yrs

The Lusaka magistrate’s court has handed down a four-year and five months jail sentence to a 25-year-old man who was masquerading as a medical Doctor.

Magistrate Sheilah Mweene jailed Bonaventure Nguni of Lusaka’s George compound after he pleaded guilty to three counts of impersonating a medical doctor and one count of obtaining money by false pretences.

In count one, Nguni was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour while in count two he was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment with hard labour.

The two charges would run concurrently effective from yesterday.

And in count three, Nguni was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour while he received 24 months in count four.

Nguni in his mitigation asked Magistrate Mweene to exercise maximum leniency as he was a first offender and a family man with two children.

He further told the court that he was asking for forgiveness from the affected victims and the nation at large.

But Magistrate Mweene said the offence which Nguni committed does not qualify him as a member of society but deserved a custodial sentence.

She further stated that the offence affected Zambian citizens especially the vulnerable victims at the public health institution. Magistrate Mweene added that if Nguni was not apprehended he could have committed so many offences.

Particulars of the offence are that on June 3, 2014, Nguni went to Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital where he found patients on a bench and took advantage of Faith Tembo from whom he got K60 for an express scan services.

It was alleged that after a short while he went back to her and asked if the monies she was holding in her arms was K 300 as he wanted some change but Ms Tembo only gave him a K250 which she had and he promised to give it to her when taking her for a scan. But after a short while, Nguni went to Ms.Tembo and gave her a prescription and a receipt but after an analysis she discovered that the prescription was an old one and the names on the receipts were of a male patient.

Ms Tembo reported the matter to one of the nurses and security department who began to search for Nguni within the premises.

And in May, he went to Ridgeway campus and approached Henry Mulenga and told him that he was a Doctor and he wanted two laptops to buy.

But Mr Mulenga told him that he had no laptops for sale but promised him that he would organise two laptops for him.

The following day, Nguni went back to see Mr Mulenga to check for the laptops and he found that he had organised two laptops (Dell and HP) valued at K 7,100 from his friend Peter Lemba.

And upon receiving the Laptops he booked a taxi and asked Mr Lemba to accompany him to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he worked.

Upon arriving at UTH, Nguni left the Doctor’s coat in the taxi and asked Lemba to wait for him as he had gone to get the money for the laptops and for the taxi fare.

Nguni never returned and it was at this time when Lemba realised that he was swindled and went to report the matter to UTH Police post.

On the first, second and third counts, Nguni impersonated himself as a medical Doctor at Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital in Lusaka. In forth count  it was alleged that Nguni with intent to defraud or deceive, obtained two laptops namely Dell and HP from Peter Lemba  by falsely purporting he was a medical Doctor at the University Teaching Hospital and  he would pay for the laptops when in fact he did not.

Nguni who was arrested on June 20, 2014 pleaded guilty to all counts.