Grand Coalition to decide YALI fate – Fr Chiti

The Grand Coalition on the Constitution has set tomorrow as date to decide the fate of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and its contentious 10 point master plan proposal to government on the current constitution making process.

And the Grand Coalition chairperson Leonard Chiti has said that it would be premature to suggest a way forward in the constitution making process when people are blind to the contents of the final draft constitution.

Father Chiti said the Grand Coalition was studying the proposed master plan as well as the oral presentation made by YALI in order to come up with a position on the matter.

“We can only determine the roadmap after we see what is in the draft because before that we will have no reference point. Our agenda at the moment is to have the draft constitution released and then we can begin thinking about the way forward,” he said.

Fr Chiti said plans to suggest a road map in the current constitution process were contingent with the contents of the draft document from the government.

And YALI president Andrew Ntewewe has said the organisations was still a member of the Grand Coalition despite its solitary undertaking of a controversial 10 point master plan it submitted to the government.

Mr Ntewewe said although YALI was being branded a mole by some members of the Grand Coalition, his organisation held the same position of fighting for the enactment of a new Republican Constitution.

Mr Ntewewe said the master plan has brought out renewed debate from Civil Society Organisation and the general public on suggestions of a better and more formidable ways of attaining a constitution in an agreed time.

He said government must comment on the suggested constitution roadmap and state its official position on the matter.

Mr Ntewewe charged that the absence of the government’s voice was a source of concern because they should be addressing the issues of the constitution.