GBM robbed

Suspected criminals on Saturday night broke into GBM Milling, a milling company owned by Kasama Central member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, raiding the entire accounts and logistics departments and stole eight computers but a quick response from Police C5 foiled the robbery as the suspects were immediately apprehended and a taxi they were using impounded.

And on Tuesday at about 13:00 hours, a lone bandit ambushed Mr Mwamba’s daughter, Thandiwe, soon after she had withdrawn K54 000 and US$3000 from Cairo Road Access Bank branch and grabbed the handbag containing the money.

Both Lusaka Police Commissioner Lemmy Kajoba and Mr Mwamba confirmed the  robbery at GMB Milling to the Daily Nation yesterday.

However, Mr Kajoba could not confirm the attack on the former Defence Minister’s daughter.

Mr Kajoba said police through the C5 who were on patrol in the Industrial area have since arrested six suspected criminals who had managed to haul six computers from GBM Milling in the accounts and logistic departments.

He said Police were consolidating the details of the robbery before taking taking the suspects to court.

Mr Kajoba said the police who were in the area on the material night apprehended the six alleged  criminals after they suspected something wrong going on at GBM Milling.

“Yes, we arrested about six suspected criminals who broke into GBM Milling on Saturday night and stole six computers. Police who were patrolling in the area intercepted the criminals after suspecting that there was something criminal going on at the Milling. We also impounded the taxi they were using to haul the computers and the suspects are currently in custody. We are consolidating their details before taking them to court,” he said.

Mr Mwamba said the number of computers that were stolen from the GBM Milling accounts and logistics departments was eight and that  Police recovered some of them after they arrested the suspected criminals.

Mr Mwamba said  quick response and action from police C5 department of the anti-robbery squad foiled the robbery and that before the suspect could speed off after breaking into the offices, they were apprehended.

He commended the police officers for their quick action stating that he was happy that the suspects were arrested before they could leave the premises of his company.

Mr Mwamba said among the suspects were two security guards from a named security company.

In another incident, a lone criminal waylaid and ambushed Mr Mwamba’s daughter, Thandiwe and snatched her handbag containing K54 000 and US$3 000 withdrawn from Access Bank for GBM Milling workers’s salaries.

The lone bandit is suspected to have trailed Thandiwe to the bank and waited for her to withdraw the money before ambushing her and snatching the handbag before disappearing into the crowd.

“On Saturday, bandits broke into GBM Milling and raided the entire accounts and logistics departments and stole eight computers but before they could speed off, they were apprehended by the police from the C5 department. I commend the quick action by the police. Some of the computers have been recovered. But on Tuesday, a lone bandit ambushed my daughter who had withdrawn money at Access Bank and robbed her of K54 000 and US$3 000 meant for salaries,” Mr Mwamba said.