‘Let’s see Sata petition launched’

The Zambian Voice has launched a campaign to petition State House to allow Zambians to meet President Michael Sata to put an end to the on-going speculation over his health and general well-being.

And President Michael Sata’s son Kazimu was on Tuesday afternoon involved in a life threatening road accident in Kitwe but the Daily Nation could not establish his condition by press time.

Organisation executive director Chilufya Tayali said a lot of issues were bordered on a country’s Presidency, and that it was important to put to rest the wild speculations over his perpetual absence from public eye.

“This is not a political move or ill-intended, but concern from Zambians with good intentions to meet their President to give him encouragement and bless him with prayers then leave State House to confirm to the nation that our President is there and well,” Mr Tayali said.

He said it was clear from a lot of questions and doubts that have emerged after the alleged cabinet meeting that many Zambians were not settled in as far as the President’s well-being was concerned.

Mr Tayali said since there had not been any information released from the purported Cabinet meeting, still pictures were not convincing enough as proof of his              condition.

He wondered why the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) was not able to televise President Sata’s first public appearance after a long silence.

“The President is loved by many of us and this is why we voted for him, going by consensus. As a President, Sata belongs to Zambians hence the concern. We have therefore decided to put the speculations to rest by inviting some Zambians to come forward and register to come with us to meet the President at State House,” he said.

The Zambian Voice have invited members of the public who are concerned about the President’s non-appearance in public to come forth and sign a petition on 19th July 2014, to seek an appointment to go to State House and meet with President Sata.