South UPND supports State House visit by MPs

Opposition UPND in Livingstone District says there is nothing wrong with opposition MPs seeking to visit President Michael Sata at State House.

But UNIP in the province said the motive behind the opposition MPs planned visit to State House was not genuine and that they should  leave President Sata alone.

In separate interviews with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, UPND district spokesperson Neto Halwabala said that those against the idea were being mischievous.

“It is in order for MPs to seek permission to go and meet President Michael at State House so that we can clear the speculations that our President is not well,

“ Mr. Sata is an asset to the people of Zambia so we support our MPs’ plans to meet him. Our MPs’ decision is genuine because they want to put an end to the speculations flying around,” he said.

Mr Halwabala said that there were constitutional offices that did not have office bearers because they have not yet been sworn in by the head of state.

“This is worrying to Zambians because we have offices which are vacant, offices like the attorney general and solicitor general.

People who were appointed have not yet been sworn in and I am sure many Zambians know that you cannot run the country without such people,” he said.

But UNIP in the province said the motive behind the opposition MPs planned visit to State House was not genuine.

UNIP Provincial chairperson Robert Mukengami said that the planned visit should not be supported, adding that the nation will be told the truth if there will be any need for that.

“As a seasoned politician and a senior citizen, Mr. Sata is the head of state and as such, he is entitled to privacy much as we understand that his health concerns all Zambians. It has never happened in the history of this country where opposition members of parliament have been allowed to visit State house and meet the president,

“Why should they go as a team to see him? What they should do is to seek permission and go there in their own individual capacity instead of coming up with less genuine reasons,” he said.

Captain Mukengami said that the opposition should not worry about President Michael Sata’s health because the nation will be told if there was problem.

“The motive by the MPs is not genuine and my advice to them and other well meaning leaders is that they shoud join the church in praying for Mr Sata if he is not well,” he said.

He however acknowledged that the fact Zambia did not have a sworn in attorney general and solicitor general was a source of concern.

Both MMD and UPND MPs have requested Vice-President Guy Scott to seek clearance from State House to facilitate a meeting with them so that they could pay a courtsy call on the Head of State.

Kasempa MMD MP Kabinga Pande and Kalomo UPND Request Muntanga have said the still pictures circulated to the media by State House did not mean that they would change their request to see the          President .