‘Invisible’ Sata worries Chipimo

Whatever is preventing President Michael Sata from public appearance is much more than what is being talked about, claims National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo.

He has noted with sadness that Zambians have been left with no option but to conclude that something serious had happened to President Sata.

“We are left to conclude that whatever is preventing the President from attending to his daily duties is serious and requires sober reflection on how we move forward as a nation from this point,” he said.

Mr. Chipimo said his blue print would prepare Zambians for a new leadership elected on a majority vote.

The NAREP president is the master-mind of a blue print on governance, a proposal to the opposition on how they should carry themselves till 2016,

“When NAREP developed its blue print for the restoration of Zambia’s democracy, the aim was to ensure that all nation-minded stakeholders would unite to elect a neutral President in 2016 to serve for a period of nine months for the main purpose of enacting a new people driven constitution,” said Mr. Chipimo. He said  the current confusion surrounding the leadership succession wrangles within the PF was proof that there was no longer any need to wait for 2016 general elections as it was possible that President Sata might step down sooner rather than later.

“We believe that there is no longer any need to wait until 2016 to implement the NAREP Blueprint. The nation should rally around the idea of electing a neutral interim leader to serve out the remainder of President Sata’s term in anticipation of an early election should the republican president make the decision to resign his office, whether now or in the near future,” said Mr. Chipimo. He reminded the leadership and Zambians in general that leading a nation was not all about chairing a Cabinet meeting but making decisions for the country. “Let us not forget that leading a country involves more than chairing cabinet meetings. Leading a country requires a fit and healthy president with an eye fixed firmly on how to alleviate the many sufferings that ordinary Zambians are going through,” said Mr. Chipimo.He said the palpable tension in Zambia is as a result of the silence surrounding the state of health of President Sata. Mr Chipimo said speculation was mounting in people’s mind as to why President Sata had not been heard since his return from Israel on a “working holiday”.

“Speculation is mounting in people’s minds as to why the president has not been heard from directly, rather than through standard-issue of still photographs. Even the standard public swearing-in ceremonies seem to have been brought to an end,” he said.