Jubilee Celebration expenditure unknown –Scott

Vice President Guy Scott yesterday told Parliament that he does not know how much government will spend on this year’s Jubilee Independence celebration.

He said this in Parliament when responding to points of clarification after he presented a ministerial statement on this year’s Independence Jubilee celebrations.

This was when MMD’s Mafinga member of Parliament wanted to know why Dr Scott was updating the legislature on the Independence celebrations without disclosing the budget.

“Mr Speaker, how can his honour the Vice President come to the house and give us the programme for this year’s Jubilee Celebration without telling us how much it will cost and whether or not as parliamentarian we are going to benefit from it? Can he tell us how much it will cost,” she demanded.

In his response, Dr Scott said he did not know the total figure of government’s expenditure and that he would today try and give the figure to the parliamentarians.

“I expect most of money to be displaced in form of allowances from ward level up to national level but I do not have the bottom line figure,” Dr said.

And Luena MP Gertrude Imenda asked Dr Scott if he would consider reconciling with the Barotseland Loyal Establishment (BLE) during the celebration.

“Jubilee Celebration is also a time for reconciliation and making peace. Mr Speaker I would like to find out from his honour the vice president if the government would resolve and make peace with several agreement which were signed with other international stakeholders such as the Barotseland Agreement of 1964,” she said.

But Dr Scott in his response said the Jubilee Celebration had nothing to do with the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

And Dr Scott said all was set for the celebration and that the logo was currently being worked on. He said government had engaged the media to help come up with a theme song which would help build and unite the nation in its message.

“Mr Speaker the house may also wish to know that a website has already been created and is reflecting the national symbolic colours. The website is  HYPERLINK “mailto:http//www.Zambia@50.co.zm” http//www.Zambia@50.co.zm,” Dr Scott said.

He told parliament that the celebration would be hosted at the New Heroes Stadium.

One thought on “Jubilee Celebration expenditure unknown –Scott

  1. Typical of a government that does things on the hoof. And when people say they are CNP, they feel hard done by and yet they quack like a duck and walk like a duck. In all seriousness, how can a government be hosting such a big occasion and either have a limitless budget or have no amount ring fenced for the occasion. It isn’t as though they didn’t know that the event was happening this year. Again they will blame it on MMD.

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