FRA keeps Kapiri farmers waiting

Kapiri Mposhi United Party for National Development (UPND) District Youth Chairman Samenan Hakalumbwe has expressed disappointment with the Food Reserve Agency (FRA)’s failure to commence the buying of maize in the district.

“We are disappointed with the way FRA has commenced this year’s maize marketing season. They have not started buying up to now,” Mr Hakalumbwe said.

He said farmers in the district have resorted to selling their maize to Millers and private businessmen and women in the area.

Mr Hakalumbwe said all the depots had not started buying maize since the commencement of the exercise on July, 1, 2014.

He said despite failing to start buying maize in the area, the depots were also not reachable for some farmers.

“There are few depots in Kapiri Mposhi and almost all of them are located about 80 kilometres apart,” Mr Hakalumbwe said. He has since advised government to tell farmers the truth if they did not have the money for the exercise.

“Let them tell us whether it is lack of money which is causing the delay or not,” he said.