President Sata

Government leaders should not decieve themselves and pretend that the inquiries and speculations about the whereabouts and health status of President Michael Sata will with time simply evaporate.

It has been a month since the Head of State was last seen and the speculations and inquiries will certainly continue until the Patriotic Front leaders come out in the open and present President Sata to Zambians.

In the alternative, the Patriotic Front leaders have a choice to come out with a convincing statement about the state of President Sata.

Zambians are not hard hearted or sadisits to fail to empathise with the infliction of their fellow human being.

The people of Zambia are the most friendly and caring as evidenced by 50 years of peace and their acommodating of refugees.

If there is something wrong with President Sata, Government should come out in the open so that an amicable and constitutional solution is found.

Even if the Zambian constitution has lacunas, it still has provisions to resolve difficult situations that we may find ourselves in.

For example, Article 39 (1) of the Republican Constitution provides for leave for the President when he is ill, but it is strange that Government leaders are not using this provision.

The same article provides for a President who is ill to appoint an acting President, which is good for the ailing head of State.

It further provides for a President who was unwell to resume his duties after completing his medication.

We wonder why this has become so difficult for our Patriotic Front leaders to understand.

What they should acknowledge is that President Sata is not a private person but national property whose whereabouts and health status are of national concern and importance.

When President Sata was fighting for political leadership, he knew what it meant to assume the Republican Presidency.

He knew he would surrender his privacy and become the property of Zambians.

This is unlike when Mr Sata  was Patriotic Front president when only the party members worried about him.

The position that President Sata now occupies is different as it is an embodiement of the national character of Zambia.

Mr Sata is number one public servant who is supposed to represent Zambians at important fora at home and abroad.

If he has in any way been disabled, Zambians have the right to know so that an informed decision on how to move forward is found.

Obviously, Zambians wouldn’t like people who have not been given state authority to be deciding on behalf of President Sata the direction the country should take.


One thought on “President Sata

  1. I have followed this issue for a while now and tried to resist the attempt to be part. I feel very strongly that the senior management of PF as a Party are doing a dis-service to their leader who happen to be a Zambian President for the rest of us. I can not imagine people like Alexander Chikwanda and some other statemen can continue to hide information on the welbeing of their colleague. It is a known fact , by nature one is born and is destined to die and the the process there is what is called experiences of life like falling sick and recovering. Our SOULS- everyone are inhabiting in the BODY made out of flesh and this is liable to depreciation with passage of time. I should think it is only logical that the person like SATA who is currently leading a large group of people, his where abouts and how he is fairing is made known. I know we have some shrewed minded individuals in PF who think and cheat themselves that they will live forever, but as elders of the party, let us try to guide them. SATA is a human being and has a family to also attend to, we all need to know his status.

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