Probe Sata’s enemies

The debate on the disappearance of President Michael Sata from the public eye for close to a month resurfaced in Parliament yesterday with a member of Parliament demanding that Home Affairs Minister Ngosa Simbyakula commences investigations in reports that some senior Patriotic Front (PF) leaders are habouring ill wishes against the Head of State.

And Vice President Guy Scott has submitted to State House a request by opposition Members of Parliament to meet with President Sata following speculations and innuendoes about the whereabouts of the Head of State and his health status.

Rising on a point of order, UPND Siavonga MP Kennedy Hamudulu said President Sata’s life was under threat from PF members wishing the Head of State ill-health and that it was important that Dr Simbyakula immediately institute investigations into the matter.

Mr Hamudulu said President Sata had not been seen or heard for a long time and that revelations that there were senior PF leaders were wishing the Head of State dead were not only alarming but causing concerns to Zambians.

He said Kitwe based Anglican priest Richard Luonde had revealed that there were senior PF officials who were celebrating rumours and speculations that Mr Sata was not well.

Mr Hamudulu said it was worrying that some PF leaders were allegedly conniving with some opposition political parties to discredit President Sata and wondered whether Dr Simbykula was in order not to have instituted investigations into the revelations.

He said it was important for President Sata to feel safe in his own political party and that any insinuations that his life was under threat should not be taken lightly because that was causing tension not only in the ruling party but the country as a whole.

Mr Hamudulu said it was cardinal that President Sata was guaranteed of security in the ruling party so that he could perform his functions such as swearing in of the newly ratified Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila, Mwenye Musenge the new Attorney General and Abraham Mwansa, the new Solicitor General.

Fr Luonde has been quoted in some circles of the media alleging that some evil senior PF leaders were wishing President Sata bad health for selfish reasons.

“Mr Speaker Sir, there are revelations that some senior PF leaders are habouring death wishes against President Sata and could be the reason the President has not been seen or heard for a long time. The President is under threat from leaders within the PF and this has been revealed by Kitwe based Anglican Priest Fr Richard Luonde. It has been reported that some senior PF leaders are conniving with the opposition political parties to discredit the President. Is the Minister of Home Affairs in order to keep quiet and fail to institute investigations into such grave accusations,” Mr Hamudulu said.

In his ruling, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini said  it was not his mandate or jurisdiction to dwell on what he termed speculations and advised the House that MPs should be judicious in selecting what matters to take to Parliament.

Dr Matibini asked Mr Hamudulu to report to police if he felt that there was an offence about to be committed by the said senior PF leaders so that a crime could be prevented from being committed.

Dr Matibini said he had made a ruling that President Sata was in the country and that he was not in hibernation stating that it was not correct to insinuate that the Head of State was hiding.

And the Vice-President yesterday said he had submitted to State House a request by opposition Members of Parliament to pay a courtesy call on President Sata and that he was waiting for a response on the matter.

Dr Scott said as soon as State House responded to the request, he would be able to inform the opposition chief Whips.

This was after Kalomo UPND Member of Parliament Request Muntanga asked Dr Scot if he had forwarded his request to State House to seek clearance to set up a meeting with President Sata since he had not appeared in public since Friday of 20th June 2014.

Meanwhile, Dr Scott has stated that he is eligible to act as republican president and that the constitution did not bar him from taking up such responsibilities.