Scott challenges Nigerian preacher

Vice President Guy Scott has challenged Nigerian preacher Johnson Suleiman to shed more light on Patriotic Front members allegedly scheming to eliminate President Michael Sata.

On Wednesday night at Woodlands Stadium during a crusade, Apostle Suleiman claimed that a member of President Sata’s cabinet was scheming to eliminate the Head of State.

But when contacted for a comment about the statement the Nigerian apostle made, Dr Scott wondered whether the Apostle Suleiman Johnson had more information about what was happening in the country.

Dr. Scott, who did not want to comment further, said he did not know anybody in the cabinet who was scheming to eliminate President Sata as claimed by the Nigerian Apostle.

On Wednesday, the visiting Apostle said that there was need to break the yoke of death in the nation.

“Tonight we can break the yoke of death; tonight we shall destroy and break the yoke of death in this place. Why does God set up prophets into national levels where they begin giving prophecies about nations and States? Speaking prophecies before they happen,” said Apostle Suleiman.

He claimed that on Wednesday afternoon, he saw a vision which prompted him to seek serious prayers about country Zambia and its leadership.

Apostle Suleiman said that President Sata needed healing because he had not finished his assignment.

“This afternoon I saw a vision and I want us to play for your country, pray for your President. I saw a vision this afternoon. I don’t know anything about Zambia. But I saw your President, he needs healing. The Lord said to me this afternoon that the President of this country has not finished his assignment,” he said.

Apostle Suleiman claimed that he saw President Sata in his vision before God and asked him what his problem was before he was told that he was unwell.

“I begun to see him and I asked God what was the problem, and God said he is not well.

I am saying what I heard. God said to me and said stand in public and speak about it.  I already saw some people plotting to take his life.

The problem, the real problem is because you are not real, you think people are not real,” he said.

“The first thing is that this is the President of the nation, this night I stand on this platform, I want to say this, that there is a health challenge, I saw somebody in cabinet who has gone to India in the President’s name, Let me tell you this you can’t kill what God has not killed.”

Apostle Suleiman further said that, “And if you think I am lying, how will you know, in cabinet the person who visited India will fall asleep and go. Listen this afternoon I must pray, you will know that Gods voice came to Zambia; He said that people are dying because they have disregarded fatherhood. Zambians when you disregard fatherhood you are exposed.”