Some lawyers are criminals in robes

Acting Attorney General Musa Mwenye has described legal practitioners abusing their clients’ bank accounts in a bid to evade tax and remitting Value Added Tax (VAT) as criminals in robes.

Mr Mwenye accused some lawyers of using client’s accounts to draw their legal fees.

He charged that some lawyers were denting the legal profession by allegedly engaging in criminal activities such as evading tax and remitting Value Added Tax.

Mr Mwenye said some legal practitioners were conducting the legal business in a fraudulent and criminal manner thereby denting the image of the profession.

He said that there were too many complaints of misappropriation of client’s money stating that it was a notorious fact that there was rampant abuse of clients funds among some lawyers.

“There are too many complaints of misappropriation of clients’ funds. In addition, it is also a notorious fact that there is rampant abuse of clients’ funds among practitioners.  In some cases, legal practitioners are drawing money straight from clients’ accounts thereby evading tax and failing to remit Value Added Tax (VAT) which they have collected from unsuspecting clients.

“This is theft. This is criminality and as a profession, we must work hard to preserve the integrity of our profession which is being tarnished by these lesser noble activities conducted by some legal practitioners who I would describe accurately as criminals in robes,” Mr Mwenye said.