African leaders must stop violation of rights

The establishment of the African Justice System can only be effective if leaders ensure that there was no violation of the people’s human rights, says Southern African Centre for Conflict Resolutions Disputes (SACCORD) executive director Boniface Chembe.

He said African leaders found wanting should equally be sanctioned under the proposed African Justice System if it has to be effective and respected.

Mr Chembe said SACCORD had observed that African citizens had complained over their alleged victimisation and marginalisation under the African Justice by their leaders.

He said although leaders in Africa were complaining of being victimised and marginalised under the International Justice system, they were also violating the African system.

“It is for this reason that citizens of Africa welcomed the International Justice system specifically the International Criminal Court that is based in the Hague Netherlands,” Mr Chembe said.

He said SACCORD took note of the fact that the International System was made of Sovereign States that deserved a certain degree of respect and integrity.

“Therefore, if African leaders do not want to be subjected to the International Justice system and want to put in place their own justice system, it is important that these institutions are  responsive to the need and interest of the citizens,” Mr Chembe said.

He said it was important that African leaders begin building confidence in African institutions.

“Ultimately, if the African justice system is to be widely accepted by its people, there is need for African leaders to ensure that gross violation of people’s rights are not done,” Mr Chembe said.

One thought on “African leaders must stop violation of rights

  1. African leaders, especially in the Sub-region.These leaders in general are something one may say have NO REGARD TO RULE OF LAW. Sometimes I wonder whether we have to overhall the current crop of leaders who are in a certain age group who seem to be holding some vegency syndrome to the former Colonial masters. This group of leaders have failed to reason beyound certain issues, because all they think about is what the Colonial masters did to the countries. They tend to have no confidence whatsoever on the young generation if they were to take over the leadership, always think they will give it back to these guys. They are always afraid of their own shadows. I look at Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, and even those who have surrendered power it is only with those they fought the war with. Zambia to some degree has envolved, but it is like we are re-eventing the wheel by bringing back the same old materials, that tend to make ordinerly people’s lives un bearable, like the current leadership. We definitely have to move away from this syndrome.

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