Cops implicated in Black Mountain thefts

Police officers guarding the ‘Black Mountain’ in Kitwe are allegedly conniving with some youths to steal the slug containing copper ore.

The officers, who are allegedly facilitating the theft of the slug from the “Black Mountain” are believed to have organized their own youths who were going with sacks at night to steal the slug and sell it to some Chinese business men.

Copperbelt Police Chief Joyce Kasosa said she would investigate the matter and ensure that the truth was established.

She said any officer who would be found to be involved in the theft of the slug at the “Black Mountain” would be disciplined.

“I have not received that report, but I will investigate it and ensure that the truth is established.

Any officer who will be found to be facilitating thefts or involved in the thefts will be dealt with accordingly. Officers are there to provide security and not to be involved in thefts,” Ms Kasosa said.

But some Wusakile residents told the Daily Nation that some  police officers had formed a cartel with some youths and are stealing the slug at night.

“The position of the government is that it will give the “Black Mountain” to the youths, but these police officers who have been put there are engaging in dubious activities of stealing the slug at night. The activities of the police officers show that some officers are going against the government’s decision,” said some Wusakile residents.

And some miners who were operating from the “Black Mountain” before the operations were halted, have expressed concern that they were being stopped to inspect the machinery which they left there while the Chinese and others were being allowed.

Some Wusakile residents told the Daily Nation that government’s decision to stop the illegal mining activities at the “Black Mountain” had contributed to the rising crime wave in the area as some youths had resorted to stealing as a source of income.