Fake ‘dorcas mothers’ evade Choma District

The Seventh Day Adventist leadership in Choma East Mission District says it  is extremely worried about the safety of Dorcas workers as some members of the general public are disguising themselves as Dorcas mothers before pouncing on unsuspecting members.

The leadership in Choma District  allege that some unscrupulous men, allegedly dressed in blue and white uniforms similar to those worn by SDA Dorcas Workers have been reported in the district to be terrorizing the Choma community at night.

Addressing congregants at Swan S.D.A Church in Choma during Sabbath worship, Elder in charge of the church administration, Phillimon Mudenda said the church was working closely with police to find ways of protecting Dorcas Workers from being mistaken suspected criminals.

Mr. Mudenda assured the church that the work of God would not suffer or be affected in anyway following the works of what he described as evil men.

He said the church is exploring ways of safeguarding the church women who are doing community service and proposed that uniforms be worn at church and during day time.

The elder further proposed that Dorcas workers consider informing police whenever they were carrying out an outreach programme in the community for security reasons.

The church leadership further cautioned Dorcas mothers against moving around the community after 18.00 hours in the blue and white dress.

“If you are wearing the blue and white uniform, ensure that you reach home before dark and have identification cards, “ he advised.

And church elder in charge of Dorcas department at Swan SDA Church, Kebby Mbewe implored Dorcas workers to stand firm and not to fear.

Elder Mbewe said the S.D.A Church would stand firm against the devil’s tactics to tarnish the image of the Church adding that the works of the devil would be brought to shame.

He urged the Dorcas mothers to continue working for the community without fear but was quick to advise the church women to be cautious and move in groups whenever they were in uniform after a church function.-