Judge Chali in trouble

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has asked the Judicial Complaints Authority (JCA) to take appropriate action against Judge Isaac Tantameni Chali for alleged misconduct and intimidation of litigants.

In a letter to the Chairperson of the JCA dated 18th July, 2014, Mr Changala said he was disturbed by the action of the judge who discredited his application for judicial review in which he had asked the court to compel Cabinet to establish a medical board to determine the health and mental status of President Michael Sata.

He explained that he was shocked when the judge attacked his person and also attacked the Daily Nation Newspaper which was not even party to the  proceedings.

Mr Changala has since demanded for a written apology from Judge Chali.

The civil rights activist has complained against Judge Chali’s ruling which disparages himself and the Daily Nation.

The paragraphs complained of in the ruling read; ‘the Daily Nation Newspaper whose reports appeared to him to be unguarded to the point of being reckless scandal-mongering’, the applicant was a ‘busy body that had impressed him as the kind Lord Diplock talks about” and that which referred to Mr Changala as “one who appears to have a misguided or trivial complaint of administrative error’.

Mr Changala complained that the conduct and comments against his person were inappropriate and should be frowned upon by all well meaning citizens including the judiciary.

“I find such remarks extremely offensive and grossly inappropriate in such circumstances. I thus demand for an apology for the sentiments that the judge uttered in his ruling against my person and the same be in writing failing which I ask that the chairperson of this Authority should take appropriate action against the judge as this flies in the teeth of misconduct on the part of the judge and an act of intimidation addressed at litigants who would want matters resolved through our perceived independent judiciary,” he said.

Mr Changala further said the action by the judge also demonstrated that the ruling was done purely out of sheer mischief and lack of understanding the function and duties of the office he was holding.

Two week ago, the civil rights activist sued the Attorney General by filing a Writ of Mandamus to compel Cabinet to constitute a medical board to investigate the health and mental status of President Michael Sata.

In his ruling judge Chali dismissed the application and said that Mr Changala was a busy body.



2 thoughts on “Judge Chali in trouble

  1. I refer to the article (CRIMINALS IN ROBES) that appeared in this paper where even the Acting Chief Justice added her voice. It is not surprising that we have some of thes judges in these government offices behaving like they are providing service to the Zambian public and yet they are just stooges of the Party in power. We as a people have always demanded for an independent Judicial system, but what we are seeing is a system that is an extention of the party in power. Talk about some of the most recent promotions within the justice system, it is all a sham. There are several of such character in the system who mainly worry about their pockets and not the people of Zambia. Some even get pleasure in seeing confusion prevailing in the governance system like the way things are right now.

  2. I wonder, where did “Judge” Chali obtain his Law degree? Can “Judge” Chali publish his CV for public scrutiny? Is he one of the Judiciary Officer who were exhumed from Local Courts and promoted to execute justice in the High Courts? Unza’s School of Law must be frowning over “Judge” Chali’s fossilised legal-pronouncements.

    The likes of “Judge” Chali, Lombe Chibesakunda, Mutembo Nchito etc – and the list is long – have wrecked the Zambian Judicial system.

    Very soon, the future post-PF Govt will have a massive task to review the entire Judicial system in order to restore sanity on this land.

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