Repeal archaic laws-Fr Bwalya

Zambians should expunge colonial and dictatorial laws in their constitution because they are undermining the democratic governance of the country, says Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya.

He has said that laws such as the defamation of the President, publication of false news and others should be removed in the constitution as they are a hindrance to democratic governance.

Father Bwalya said such laws were unconstitutional and undemocratic because their main purpose was to allow colonial masters hold on to power and control.

“These laws need to be removed from our statutes with a view to enhancing democratic governance. Such laws conflict democracy. Just look at the charge which was slapped on me and the ruling by the courts of law. The matter borders on freedom of expression. Should people be arrested for offering an opinion? No!

“We are a primitive society because we have allowed primitive laws which were formulated by the colonial masters to rule. This can be seen in the manner laws such as the Public Order Act, the defamation laws are being implemented,” he said.

Fr. Bwalya noted with sadness when he appeared on Muvi Television breakfast with the Boys programme that Zambia has not made strides in legal reforms to expunge laws which undermine the promotion of good governance.

“This is a challenge just like the magistrate in Kasama said that the indictment was coined to fix me. This is the problem we have in Zambia. We have allowed this kind of thinking and embraced it to be correct,” he said.

Fr. Bwalya also condemned the PF attack on the MMD in Shiwang’andu District in Muchinga Province, saying such actions were dictatorial and undemocratic.

He said the PF should realise that Zambia was a democracy and therefore people must be allowed to enjoy the freedoms of association and expression.

“We have a party in power which is failing to accept that Zambia is a democracy and that is why they attack people like in Shiwang’andu. PF cadres attacked MMD officials who were conducting their in-house meetings. This is not democracy. The PF should realise that Zambia is a democratic state,” said Fr. Bwalya.