YALI await Grand Coalition judgement

The future of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in the Grand Coalition still hangs in a balance after the meeting meant to discuss the latter’s 10 point master plan failed to take off.

Grand Coalition chairperson Leonard Chiti disclosed yesterday that the meeting failed because YALI communicated earlier that they were out of town and could not attend the meeting called to address the master plan.

He said the coalition could not make any decision about the YALI matter until both parties had an opportunity to discuss.

“The rules of natural justice call for us to hear the matter from all sides, from the horse’s mouth in order to go ahead and make any decision, otherwise they have been out of town and could not make it to the meeting as planned,” Fr Chiti said.

He said it was possible that as soon as YALI was back, it would be able to meet the steering committee of the Grand Coalition.

Last week, the coalition announced that they had proposed a meeting with YALI on the infamous master plan that has created controversy on suggestions that the National Referendum be held at the same time as the 2016 general elections.

Various stakeholders including the Grand Coalition had argued that the 2016 elections should be held under the new constitution and have since demanded for the release of the final draft immediately to pave way for the enactment of the new law.

But YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said they were still members of the Grand Coalition and were ready to face the committee over the controversy brought about by their proposed master plan on the constitution making process. Mr Ntewewe said they could not attend the meeting earlier called because they were out of town, and that there was no further communication on an alternative date.

“We were waiting to hear from the Coalition confirming new dates and time for the alternative meeting since we were not available, and we are still waiting to hear from them,” he said.

Members of the Grand Coalition have castigated YALI on their suggestion that a new constitution be enacted after the 2016 elections, a move that has sparked suspicion on whether they have been compromised to side with the government on the way forward in the current constitution making process.