Killing fields of Gaza

More than 500 Palestinians have died and another 83,000 rendered homeless in the one sided conflict in Gaza.

The Israelis are applying totally disproportionate force to kill, maim and destroy property in Gaza in a military campaign that will most certainly not solve the underlying political problem affecting the Palestinians who are not only dispossessed of their land but have been blockaded.

If anything Israel is creating firm fertile ground for more radicalized Palestinians who will carry the fight into the future- and not too distant future for that matter. Israel cannot kill all the Palestinians and for as long as there is a Palestinian standing in the Gaza ghetto Israel cannot sleep easy.

The sliver of land called Gaza has been subjected to horrendous bombing by precision bombing compared to the rudimentary rockets fired from Gaza, most of which are rendered harmless by an equally sophisticated defense shield constructed by the Israelis.

As Israel pulverizes Gaza, the US has remained silent with perfunctory admonition prefaced by the affirmation that Israel had a right to defend itself.

Defend itself from what?

Nobody delights in death but it is incredible to hear President Barack Obama, the leader of the most powerful country in the world express outrage at the manner that  Ukrainian pro Russian separatists are  desecrating corpses of Malaysian airline victims, without acknowledging that Israel is killing and pillaging Gaza using American arms.

Thousands of  Gaza children, women and innocent men are cowering in terror as the Israeli military machine seeks to vanquish a people.

Israel does not have the right to defend itself from the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a homeland in which they will exercise their inalienable civic and human rights.

The Palestinians were expelled from their homelands in 1948 and since then Israel has continued to expand and occupy territory that truly belongs to the people that are now crammed in refugee camps including the Gaza ghetto.

No arms however powerful will suppress or indeed vanquish the legitimate desires of the Palestinians who are now victims of complicity by the West which has chosen to side with Israel because of the power lobbies that have consigned international morality to political opportunism.

The answer to Gaza is a two state solution nation where the Palestinians will achieve self determination. The two-state solution envisages an independent state of Palestine that will exist along the State of Israel.

Sadly Israel has never taken the solution seriously. It has allowed more and more settlers to encroach and settle on land that would constitute the new Palestine state. Unless this situation changes, war and strife will continue to bedevil that region of the world.