Men of god

 In the last few years or so, the church has come under the public spotlight all for the wrong reasons because of scandals which have been attributed to some men of God.

While the vulnerable have been going to church to surrender their souls in an effort to find peace and solace, some men of ‘god’ seem to have taken advantage of the misfortune of some worshipers to achieve their heart’s desires.

Sometimes, it is the men of ‘god’ who have walked into the homes of their congregants only to depart from their evangelism to commit heinous crimes.

We have heard of men of ‘god’ whose preoccupation has not been to spread the word of God but to get whatever little kwacha their congregants strive to raise for their families’ livelihood.

This is not only happening inside churches but also on long distance buses and the corridors of the central business district where the some preacher men allegedly strive to save lost souls.

Some men of ‘god’ have become preoccupied with raising money for their personal welfare than serving the poor.

While the works of God have no financial rewards to become abnormally rich, it seems no preacher men would want to walk the road of modest life.

It is common nowadays to see men of ‘god’ in more expensive vehicles than the ones driven by those who offer tithe.

We have also heard of men of God whose ‘appetite’ for their female congregants is far beyond their love for the body of Christ.

While the argument has been that some men of ‘god’ are as human as any other bound to err and commit sin, what is true is that they stand on higher moral pedestal from which they derive the authority they abuse.

This begs the question how Zambia should proceed with increased levels of evangelism which are attracting so many young men and women to the faith.

It is common knowledge nowadays that preaching has become one of the easiest undertakings as long as one had a Bible, a good accent and a flamboyant dress code.

There should be a departure from the status quo so that so that those who aspire to lead in church are men and women of integrity.

It would not augur well for the men of God to be the most feared all because of some evil acts of some of them.

This present situation cannot be resolved by anyone else but the men of God themselves who are knowledgeable about the norms and values of the Church.