877 bags of relief maize go missing

About 877 bags of relief maize meant for Kalabo district under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) have gone missing.

This is according to a DMMU report presented during a District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting obtained by ZANIS in Kalomo yesterday.

The report indicates that a named transporter who was supposed to deliver the maize late last year did not operate according to the contract requirements.

The transporter allegedly collected the last consignment more than a month ago from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depot in Mongu and had not yet delivered it, a development that raised concern among the stakeholders.

The transporter was also accused of delivering underweight bags of maize bags.

According to the report ,the transporter was given a contract to deliver 2000 metric tonnes of maize to Kalabo  last year and that efforts to get hold of him  on the way forward proved futile as his mobile phones went unanswered or switched off.

Members present in the meeting resolved that the transporter‘s contract be terminated with immediate effect for the poor service delivery.

The DMMU now has a challenge of finding out where the bags of maize which left Mongu depot over a month ago are.