MISA public discussion cancelled

The much publicized MISA Zambia public discussion which was scheduled to take place at Alliance Francaise yesterday was cancelled at the last minute sending many guests who had turned up away in disbelief.

   According to MISA Zambia programme notification, the public discussion based on whether a medical board must be appointed to establish the physical and mental capacity of President Michael Sata to continue discharging Presidential functions.

The event was scheduled for 18:30 hours but at about 17:00hrs, Alliance Francaise director whose name was withheld sent a notice of cancellation to MISA Zambia and guests were greeted by a notice stuck on the doors stating that the organization was nonpolitical and could not host a political discussion.

 “Alliance Francaise de Lusaka wishes to announce that The MISA public meeting scheduled to take place tonight at 18:30hrs has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and remind the public that Alliance Francaise remains a non-political organization. Thank you for the comprehension,” read the notice.

Officials from Alliance Francaise declined to comment and said the notice was enough but several people who had converged condemned the decision and described it as an assault to liberties of Zammbians.

And Envangelical Church of Zambia Bishop Paul Mususu has said government should lift the veil of secrecy and tell Zambians the true health status of President Michael Sata,

He has said this would be the only way to calm anxieties as well as clear speculations and innuendoes that have for the last one month surrounded the withdrawal of the Head of State from public appearances. Bishop Mususu said government had failed to give clear messages and statements to the public to silence and curtail the ever-growing speculations surrounding the health status of President Sata. Bishop Mususu told the Daily Nation yesterday that President Sata or his handlers should be courageous and peal off the secrecy carpet so that Zambians who have been gripped by anxieties could be calmed down.

He said while it was not surprising that President Sata had been avoiding addressing the nation through press conferences, it had become peculiar that in more than 30 days, Zambians had not seen or heard from the Head of State.

Bishop Mususu said it had become difficult to comprehend what was happening in the country and to President Sata because government ministers and officials had decided to keep the nation guessing and speculating. He said the last time Zambians saw and heard President Sata was before he left for Israel for what government called a working holiday and that his return and stay in State House had been kept a secret triggering speculations and innuendoes.

Bishop Mususu said there was nothing sinister for any human being to fall sick, advising that if President Sata was not well, it was the duty of government to truthfully inform citizens through clear platforms so that Zambians could start praying for the Head of State. He blamed government for the speculations chocking citizens stating that there was no need for the PF government to create an atmosphere of uncertainties about the health status of President Sata.

“I do not even know what to say about what this country is going through, especially the speculations and innuendoes surrounding the whereabouts of President Sata and his health. It is not surprising that President Sata has avoided addressing Zambians through scheduled press conferences but what is peculiar is his prolonged absence and withdrawal from public appearances.

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