Sudanese terrorists kidnap Zambian

The Sudanese notorious terrorist group, the Janjaweed that has abducted a Zambian humanitarian worker at the United Nations (UN) International Organisation for Migration Felix Ngoma is demanding US$1 million.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba disclosed yesterday at a media briefing that Mr Ngoma who was kidnaped almost three weeks ago was being held hostage by the Janjaweed.

Mr Kalaba said Mr Ngoma was going home about five kilometers from his office when he was abducted by the Janjaweed and that the terrorist group was demanding US$1 million.

Mr Klaba said the Zambian government has engaged its embassy in Geneva, Switzerland to negotiate the safe release of Mr Ngoma.

The Minister said Zambia was not involved in the negotiations.

Earlier in the day, Monze Central UPND Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu stood on a point of order wondering why government was guardedly silent on the abaduction of Mr Ngoma.

The point of order forced Mr Kalaba to issue a statement promising that government was doing everything possible to secure the life of the IOM civil servant through what he called quiet diplomacy.

Mr Mwiimbu in his point of order stated that every responsible government in the world was expected to take keen interest in the safety and welfare of its citizens, particularly those working outside their jurisdiction and wondered why the Zambian government had chosen to remain silent over the kidnapping of the Zambian national.

Mr Mwiimbu wondered whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs was in order not to move swiftly to secure the life of Mr Ngoma considering that the Patriotic Front (PF) government was closely collaborating with the government of Sudan whose terrorist group had abducted the Zambian citizen.

Mr Mwiimbu wondered whether government was in order not to have diplomatically started negotiating with the Sudanese government on the release of Mr Ngoma who is currently being kept hostage by the terrorists.

“Every responsible government in the world takes keen interest in the welfare and safety of its citizens particularly those who work outside their countries. Responsible governments will make moves and ensure that citizens are safe wherever they are.

“Felix Ngoma, a Zambian citizen working for the United Nations (UN) International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has been abducted by the Janjaweed and has been held hostage for the last 18 days yet government has been so quiet and mute over the international civil servant. Is government that closely collaborates with the Sudanese government that is supported by the Janjaweed in order not to secure the release of Mr Ngoma being held hostage by a group linked to terrorism? Mr Mwiimbu asked.

In his ruling, the Deputy Speaker Mukondo Lungu asked Mr Kalaba to inform the nation what government was doing if he had enough information.

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  1. Hope the kidnappers will keep our Brother safe before he is realised. If the parties involved in the negotiations fall to bring him back, let the Zambian government realise the money demanded by the kidnappers to save the soul. #BRING-BACK-OUR -BROYHER.

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