Father Bwalya’s acquital upset PF in Kasama

The Patriotic Front (PF) in Northern Province says the State should appeal the acquittal of Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya.

PF provincial secretary Evaristo Chellah has said  the ruling party in Kasama strongly felt that the court did not take into account all the evidence presented by the complainants.

Mr Chellah said the party in the province was unhappy with the court’s decision on the matter.

Father Bwalya was recently acquitted of allegations of defaming President Michael Sata by referring to him as Cumbu-Munshololwa (a sweet potato).

The ABZ president said this in January this year during a live radio broadcast on Kasama’s Radio Mano.

Delivering judgment, Kasama Principal Resident Magistrate Vincent Siloka said he found nothing defamatory in the word ‘cumbu munshololwa’ as it merely referred to a person who does not listen to advice.

Magistrate Siloka said he understood that ‘cumbu munshololwa’ was just one of the many Zambian sayings and idioms used by Bembas.

He noted that convicting Fr Bwalya would amount to inhibiting freedom of expression and censured the accusers of having fabricated the word Umuwelele in a bid to fix the ABZ leader.

Magistrate Siloka emphasised that freedom of expression should be respected in a democratic state like Zambia.

Commenting on his acquittal, Bwalya said the victory was a triumph for democracy, good governance and the rule of law.



One thought on “Father Bwalya’s acquital upset PF in Kasama

  1. The hungry and gullible hired PF cadres exported to Kasama are acting on the directives from Wynter Kabimba who feels threatened by GBM’s popularity in Northern Province. To Kabimba any politician, such as Fr. Bwalya, who seemingly supports GBM must be crashed at all costs, and he has made serious blunders in Chipata.

    The PF must be reminded that Kasama is 99% rural and the people respect their Paramount Chitimukulu to the hilt. PF cadres hired to cause havoc in Livingstone and the Copperbelt are considered total strangers in Northern Province.

    It is high time the PF leaders learnt to respect the rule of Law, decisions arrived at in Courts and thus strive to advise their followers to desist from creating unproductive anarchy.

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