Grand Coalition expels YALI

The Grand Coalition on the campaign for a new Constitution has with immediate effect broken ranks with Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI) leadership because their two positions are irreconcilable.

And YALI president Andrew Ntewewe told the Daily Nation that it will respect the decision of the Grand Coalition, but would continue to push for the release of the new constitution on its own.

This follows the consultative meeting with YALI leadership on its proposed 10-Point Master Plan on the constitution making process as opposed to the position of the coalition and its constituents.

Grand coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi said the decision to expel YALI was arrived at after intense consultations within the coalition.

Mr Chipenzi said the proposed 10-Point Master Plan on the constitution making process was contrary to the position of the Grand Coalition and its constituents.

He said it was therefore mutually agreed that YALI should pursue its position without the involvement of the Coalition and vice-versa. Mr Chipenzi said it was apparent that the two positions were irreconcilable and the Coalition found its links with YALI unattainable.

“After intense consultations within the Grand Coalition coupled with the insistence by YALI to pursue its 10-Point Master Plan even after the consultative meeting to draw a meeting point and chart the way forward, the Coalition finds its links with YALI unattainable,” Mr Chipenzi said.

Mr Chipenzi said it was for this reason that the Grand Coalition had broken ranks with YALI on the constitution making process with immediate effect, to pave way for the YALI leadership to pursue its 10-Point Master Plan proposal on the constitution making process.

YALI drew a 10 point plan on the roadmap to enacting a new constitution by a national referendum to be conducted at the same time with the general elections in 2

This was after some sections of the media reported a private meeting of YALI and the subsequent submission of the proposal to government without the knowledge of the Grand Coalition.

But Mr Ntewewe said YALI‘s proposal of the ‘10 Point Master Plan’ was to give finality and make progress in the current constitution making process.

“All in all, YALI will continue to campaign for the enactment of the new constitution until the Zambian people are given the document,” he said.