State House hunger strike

About 30 family members of slain Patriotic Front (PF) cadre Moses Simuwelu are planning to stage a hunger strike at the gates of State House in an effort to compel President Michael Sata and the ruling party to explain the death and compensation for their loss.

Mr Lackson Simuwelu, uncle of Moses said that despite taking all necessary avenues to demand for justice and compensation, there had been no response from the party responsible for the death.

He said it was clear that Moses was murdered by fellow PF cadres and that the final postmortem report indicated that he never died of natural causes.

“What is more annoying is that we don’t even know what has happened to the people the police arrested in connection with Moses’s death,” he said

Moses Simuwelu who was a PF cadre from Lusaka’s Kanyama compound was killed by machete wielding cadres in a fierce intra party clash on Thursday 7th November 2014, nearLusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport roundabout in Chelstone.

Mr Lackson Simuwelu said his family had written a demand letter to the PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba but there had allegedly been no response after three months of writing the letter.

He said another letter was written to President Sata demanding for K150,000 .00 as compensation for the loss of their child but there had been no response from the head of State. Mr Simuwelu complained that there was no remorse shown from the PF leadership even after their child died in the course of duty.

“As a family we are sure our child died during the course of duty and it is very sad that the people that picked him from home (PF) have forgotten about it because he is now buried, but we cannot as a family. The final postmortem report from Nkanza laboratories is out and it is indicating that he never died of natural causes as we were meant to believe when he died.

“The report further says that the cause of the death could not be determined as the body was in a decomposed state when the tests were done,” he said.

An initial postmortem conducted by a foreign national immediately after the death of Moses stated that he died from natural causes while the second postmortem carried out by Pathologist Dr Neil Nkanza revealed that the deceased had suffered from injuries.

Mr Simuwelu said the final report from Dr Nkanza released two months ago was evidence enough that their son was murdered by his colleagues within the PF party.

He complained that it was impossible for the family to know what was happening as the police officers who were handling the case were scared of losing their jobs if they pursued the case.

“It has really been difficult as these police officers are not interested in pursuing the case anymore. They fear that they may lose their jobs when they talk and we don’t even know what has happened to the cadres who were arrested immediately after my nephew died. The family is saying enough is enough and some family members from Nakonde are planning to come to Lusaka so that we all go and camp at State House on hunger strike. “What is more annoying is that his friends that picked him from home have been relocated to other areas and we don’t know where they are now. It has been so smartly done that as a family we are left with more questions than answers.  We shall continue with the hunger strike until something is done,” he said.

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