That macabre murder

It has been eight months since Moses Simuwelu, the Patriotic Front (PF) cadre was savagely and gruesomely murdered in the country’s worst intraparty bloody clashes but mystery has continued to surround his death.

It is the law that an  inquest should follow such deaths, but no attempt has been made to this case unless it was conducted secretly.

It is common cause that following the endorsement of President Michael Sata for the second term by then Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba much to the disappointment of some PF cadres, the ruling party’s intraparty differences degenerated into violent clashes.

The November violent clashes between the group endorsing President Sata for the second term and those opposed saw former PF Lusaka district vice chairman Julius Komaki suffer horrifying wounds after he was savagely hacked.

Moses Simuwelu did not survive the violence and since then, his family has been struggling to find justice.

His assailants have remained silhouetted in the face of the law and for eight months, they have shown that power has no respect for the law.

The family of the late Moses has over the months been seeking justice after the post-mortem results revealed that the PF cadre was murdered but their efforts and voices seem to be  lone voices in the jungle with no ear to hear their lamentations.

What has been more disheartening has been the realisation that Moses Simuwelu’s assailants were freely roaming the streets as the law has been turned into a bystander and onlooker.

The family, having explored all the avenues in their quest to find justice over the death of their relatives, feel they have reached a dead end and are planning , although inconceivable to attract the attention of those in authority.

Having written to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba to consider compensating the family for the untimely death of the relative but without any response, the family has decided to express their anger by embarking on a rare spectre of picketing State House.

About 30 relatives of Moses Simuwelu would in the coming days be walking to the gates of State House with the aim of staging a hunger strike in an effort to attract the attention of President Sata over the death of their relative.

They are asking government that they should be paid K150 000 as compensation for the life of Moses whose death was caused by the party he belonged to and the party he sacrificed for.

Mr Lackson Simuwelu, the uncle of the late PF cadre Moses told the Daily Nation that despite seeking all necessary avenues to demand for reparation, there has been no response from the party responsible for the death of their relative.

This certainly is a drastic decision but one is able to understand their plight because those suspected to have caused the death of Moses have not expressed any remorse and the law seem to be protecting them.

Our hearts go for the Simuwelu family for the trauma they have been subjected to since that horrid day.

Many have called out to the law to take its course over the death of Simuwelu but there seems to be an imperceptible hand that has frustrated the law from stretching long enough to catch the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.