Chief backs female political leaders

It is time Zambians identified a female leader to run for President in the next elections because some of our male leaders have failed this country, Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba of the Illa people of Namwala has said.

In an interview, Chief Nalubamba said time had come for women to take up top political leadership position to correct what some male leaders have failed to do in the past 50 years of independence.

He said that there was nothing wrong for women to contest for the Presidency, adding that women have proved to be successful leaders because of their motherly heart.

“Women must take up prominence in our politics in order to lead this nation. It is now or never. Men have proved to be selfish and greedy. There is a Tonga saying in my native language which says, ‘Simunyeu elenda Ngoma yakwe.’ Meaning that every successful man has a woman on his side. So what should limit women from taking up position such as President of the country?” asked Chief Nalubamba.

Chief Nalubamba said it was time women were supported to take over the governance of the country, adding that in the entire history of human kind, women have been instrumental in changing things the way of life.

“I don’t see why women cannot lead this country now when they manage their marriages, families and businesses successfully. I feel that women are in the best position to run this country to prosperity especially after looking at how men have failed this country,” he said.

The chief said men should give women an opportunity to take charge of the nation, adding that Britain had a female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher whose leadership was exceptionally appreciated because it had improved many people’s livelihood.

“Let us give women an opportunity to lead this nation; I am sure women can make a change. Men have failed in the last 50 years they have been in power. I feel it is time women got into power and lead the nation,” he said.

Chief Nalubamba has since urged the women folk to identify a female leader.

“They must show leadership. We must not beg for them to take up such challenging positions. Nothing should stop them from running for Presidency. If they are psychologically defeated, it is time to reflect and redeem themselves especially those who want to take up such position,” he said.

Chief Nalubamba said Zambia wanted to see a formidable female presidential candidate in 2016 who would possibly win the election. “We want to see a strong woman candidate aspiring for the 2016 general elections and win the vote. Malawi has shown us the way. We had a female President Joyce Banda, why not Zambia? Liberia has a female President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who I understand is doing extremely well compared to other male Presidents on the continent.

“I believe iwe have such strong women with a strong character to take up such challenging tasks. We should not stop them; let’s support them if Zambia is to develop. It is also a well known fact that some men have failed. I have no shame to say that in the last 50 years of the country’s independence some men have been a big disappointment,” said Chief Nalubamba.