The horrendous massacre of innocent Palestinian children cowering and seeking shelter from Israeli bombardment cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered as a defense of the Israeli state if anything it is only consolidating the resolve of the young Palestinians to rise and outlaw the occupation of their homeland by the  Israeli state.

It is totally despicable disproportionate and unconscionable that the Israeli would utilize high tech F16 aircraft and precision guided missiles to pound homes and thereby kill Palestinians who have a legitimate political demand for a homeland which they were dispossessed of by Britain and the United Nations.

It is the contradiction in logic that is most worrying.  The Israelis have been heavy handed in butchering Palestinians in a bid to stop rockets which endanger their public and yet the Israelis were livid angry and mortified when European and American airlines stopped operating from Ben Gurion airport because of the threat posed by the Palestinian rockets. In their words the rockets did not pose a danger because of the Iron Dome, the shield intercepts and shoots down the Palestinian missiles.

If indeed the Israelis have an anti dote to the Palestinian missiles what justification do they have to launch lethal and highly technical killing machinery to Palestinians who have now lost over 700 lives made up mainly of civilians including women and children.

How indeed do they justify attacking and killing 15 children at a United Nations establishment where more than 200 others sustained severe injuries when the threat was inconsequential?

It is clear that the incursion and bombardment of Gaza strip will neither dampen nor deflate the spirit of resistance by Palestinians who are now living in the largest prison on earth, a culmination of a blockade and restrictions imposed by the Israeli government.

There should be no doubt that the Gaza ghetto will live for many centuries to come to haunt Israel which has taken impunity to a new level, where Palestinian land and lives have lost value.

Settlement encroachments and the killing fields of Gaza will harden the Palestinians and Israel must brace for the next age of resistance which will be conducted by more educated, sophisticated and highly trained Palestinian youths who will seek to make amends for the 1948 expulsion of their great grand parents from the homeland

It is indeed ironic that the Jews who survived the holocaust are now championing the creation of the Gaza Prison in which millions of Palestinian are crowded, cut off and severely restricted in their activities.

Undoubtedly the injustice is not only sprouting anti-semitism in Europe and the rest of the world but will ultimately generate global resistance to Israel and whatever it stands for.

Eventually not even the support of the Republicans in Congress will resist the tide for justice that the Palestinian people deserve.

The international community must learn to repudiate conditions and circumstances that breed extremism and this is exactly what is being nurtured and developed in Gaza.  The sooner the world wakes up to this reality the better because time will come when they will be no liberal alternative because the radicals would have taken over and nothing will stop them.