Kidnapped Zambian freed

The Zambian national Felix Ngoma who was abducted by the Sudanese notorious terrorist group, Janjaweed who were demanding $1 million ransom, has been released.

Mr Ngoma, a humanitarian worker at the United Nations (UN) International Organisation for Migration humanitarian was abducted on his way home about five kilometers from his office and had been held hostage for 19 days.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary George Zulu confirmed to the Daily Nation the release of Mr Ngoma yesterday.

Mr Zulu said the quiet diplomatic negotiations over the release of Mr Ngoma were concluded yesterday and that the UN International Organisation for Migration humanitarian worker was released at 12:00 hours Zambian time in a town called Nyala in Sudan.

He said Mr Ngoma has since been handed to the Governor of Nyala in Sudan who had been part of the negotiations for the release of the humanitarian worker.

Mr Zulu said at the time the Zambia government was briefing the press about the release of Mr Ngoma, the IOM worker was talking to his family here at home and undergoing routine medical check-up.

He said Mr Ngoma leaves Nyala town today for Khartoum, the Sudanese capital before coming back to Zambia.

Mr Zulu said Zambia stands for nothing but peace, the very reason Mr Ngoma was in Sudan promoting and supporting the values of peace.

“Two days ago, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba informed the nation that one Zambian national, an employee of the United Nations (UN) international Organisation for Migration (IOM) was abducted by criminals in Nyala in Sudan. The Minister further informed the nation that government had mandated ambassador Sinjela at the Geneva embassy in Switzerland to negotiate for the government. The quiet negotiations were completed yesterday (Thursday) and my office has received good news that Mr Felix Ngoma has been released at 12:00 hours and was handed over to the Governor of Nyala who was part of the negotiations,” Mr Zulu said.

He said the Zambian government under President Michael Sata would do everything in its power to protect every Zambian citizen at home and abroad to continue enjoying their freedoms.

Mr Zulu said the Zambian government expressed gratitude to the government of Sudan and the International Organisation for Migration, the United Nations agencies as well as the Zambian media and Mr Ngoma’s family for their support in the safe release of the humanitarian worker.

Mr Zulu was franked by the UN representative Jannet Rogan and Chief representative of the International Organisation for Migration.

On Wednesday, government was forced to issue a statement on Mr Ngoma who had been abducted by the Sudanese the Janjaweed terrorist group and kept him hostage for 18 days after Monze Central Jack Mwiimbu stood on a point of order wondering why government had kept quiet over the abduction of the humanitarian worker.