Koffi must be arrested

Lusaka based freelance photo-journalist Jean Mandela says he has never withdrawn the assault case against Congolese Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide and is questioning the circumstances under which the police decided to close the docket against the musician.

Mr Mandela has demanded that police arrest Olomide upon arrival in Zambia so that he could face the law for his alleged violent conduct.

He said he was surprised that the police had closed the docket against Mr Olomide when his prayer was that police effect an arrest so that the Congolese musician could be given a chance to explain his actions.

Mr Mandela complained that he did not understand why police allowed Mr Olomide to leave the country in 2013 after he had reported the assault case days before his departure.

He said it was strange that after more than 560 days, the police had decided to close the docket against Mr Olomide without informing him when all he wanted was justice to take place.

“My prayer is that Koffi Olomide will be arrested as soon as he arrives in the country because he assaulted me and I reported the matter to police and a docket was opened. I have failed to understand why the police allowed him to leave the country after I had reported the matter and after more than 560 days, the police are saying they have closed the docket. I just want justice to prevail, Mr Mandela said.

And Africa Youth Advocate leader Lameck Kamalu has demanded that Mr Mr Olomide be arrested the moment he touches the Zambian soil for his pending assault case.

He said failure by the police to enforce the law would be undermining the country’s laws and the rights of citizens. Mr Kamalu said he was disappointed by reports that the police had dropped the assault charges against the Congolese Ruhmba maestro because the assault victim had never withdrawn the case. Mr Kamalu warned that should the police fail to arrest Mr Olomide, he would personally petition the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani to complain about the matter because it was incorrect for foreign nationals coming to Zambia to abuse and harass citizens. He wondered what the police meant when they said the assault case against Mr Olomide was closed because the complaint by Mandela was not collaborating with the results of the investigations that had been conducted.

Mr Kamalu said it was important for the police to revisit the assault case against Mr Olomide so that he could clear himself before allowing him to entertain Zambians with his Rhumba music. Police spokesperson Charity Munganga announced early this week that Mr Olomide was free to come to Zambia and perform because the police had decided to close the assault docket against the Congolese Rhumba giant. Mr Olomide was facing an arrest after Mr Mandela decided to resurrect a 2013 assault case against the Congolese Rhumba maestro for allegedly assaulting him during a New Year’s Eve concert in Lusaka.