Sata’s enemies within PF

The people wishing President Michael Sata ill are within the Patriotic Front (PF) and not the opposition political parties, Julius Komaki has revealed.

Mr Komaki who is former PF Lusaka district vice-chairman said the enemies of President Sata were within the ruling party and has appealed to the Head of State to firmly and effectively deal with the people who were allegedly scheming to take over the leadership of the party.

He said the people wishing President Sata ill were known adding that when the Head of State was in Israel for a working holiday, the same enemies of the President were allegedly dinning and winning in celebrations.

Mr Komaki said those who have been peddling lies, rumours and speculations about President Sata’s health were not the opposition political parties’ leaders and that the youths in Lusaka and across the country were aware that there was a faction within the ruling party that was not happy that the Head of State was fit and working.

He said there was a group in the ruling party which was so desperate for power and that the group would do anything in their schemes to ensure that President Sata was removed from the PF presidency.

Mr Komaki said President Sata should be aware that some of the people he considered his confidants were in fact his enemies and that the sooner he cracked the whip the safer he would be.

He said he had refused to be silenced or intimidated because he had always known that President Sata was never safe with some leaders who had been pretending that they loved the Head of State by singing praises for him.

“As youths, we are happy that our President is back from his working holiday and is working. We wish him long life so that he can continue with his vision of developing this country. But we are angry that there are some people who have been wishing the President dead. The people wishing President Sata dead are within the PF and not the opposition. The people who were celebrating, dining and winning when the President was away are known and these are the real enemies to our President. They are so desperate for power that they are capable of doing anything including wishing our President dead,” Mr Komaki said.

The former PF Lusaka district strong man said he had survived death while Moses Simuwelu was brutally killed for defending President Sata and the party and that he would continue defending the Head of State despite threats on his life.

He said attempts to silence the youths by expelling him were a futile exercise because the PF and President Sata were what his life was anchored on.

“They started with me and because of God’s grace, I am still living but I still have tears for Moses Simuwelu who did not survive that brutal attack. These are the same people who have been going round the country talking ill about the President and we know them. We appeal to our President to take action because he is not safe with some of the senior leaders working with him. We believe the President has known them now and our demonstrations at that time were meant to expose these people and their evils,” Mr Komaki said.

He said people scheming against President Sata had benefited a lot from the personal efforts of the Head of State and that it was sad that the Head of State had become a target of the clandestine and covert activities of the faction.

“We are not going to be intimidated and we shall continue supporting the President because he is the torch bearer of the economic and social development the country is witnessing. Some of the people planning evil against the President are the very people he has lifted from rags to riches,” he said.

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  1. Hey , Hey,
    Don’t you think by concealing the names of these senior PF members you are even putting your President to more risk. You know very well that he )President) is also very scared, he may only do these things with the help of others, especially those people who have no alignment to any party or even those well wishers from other parties. We all want him to live a good life even after he has moved out of politics. By saying that you shall not be intimidated, then it means you have to reveal the names, because if you do not, then you are properly intimidated by these fellows. As I Know Currently there is no leadership in PF because all of them are hiding behind Sata when in the meantime are busy hammering.

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