BRE blasts Defence Minister

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) is upset with Defense Minister Edgar Lungu for visiting Western Province and addressing the people without permission from the Litunga.

BRE Induna Inete said Mr Lungu failed to pay a courtesy call on the royal establishment who were supposed to give him authority to go ahead with his programme.

The BRE representative said although the Lozi people were a peaceful people, they were capable of reacting if provoked, adding that no amount of intimidation would discourage the BRE from defending the Litunga’s land and his subjects.

Mr Lungu is alleged to have visited Mongu in Western Province where he accused the BRE of hindering the development of Mulamba harbor.

BRE Induna Inete has advised Mr Lungu and the Zambian government to seek permission in matters related to land in Western Province.

Induna Inete said if there was any case to do with the Barotseland, the Zambian government should first discuss the matter with the BRE for authorization.

He said the BRE was demanding an apology from Mr Lungu over his statement on the Mulamba harbor.

But Mr Lungu refuted the allegations of accusing the BRE of hindering development.

He advised the BRE to work with the government if development was to be realized in Western Province.

Mr Lungu said there was nothing wrong with the government taking development to Western Province and that the BRE should be reminded that it belonged to the people.

“Was it wrong for me talking about development in the area? As much as I am concerned, the BRE belongs to the people and so does the government. The two must work together to bring development in the area,” he said.