Dismissed Zambian nurses opt for International jobs

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) has encouraged dismissed nurses to look for jobs abroad as opposed to wanting for government which has failed to reinstate them.

ZUNO information officer Mabvuto Zulu said it was every one’s right to work wherever they wished.

Mr Zulu said labour was a commodity that should be availed to the highest bidder, and that nurses and midwives have the right to seek greener pastures.

A number of dismissed nurses have confirmed to ZUNO that they have opted to be employed abroad instead of waiting for the Zambian government to reinstate them.

Mr Mabvuto said much as his organisation would want the Zambian nurses working abroad to come back to contribute to the development of the health sector, there was nothing they could do when the labour market in Zambia was not conducive.

“We have seen professionals leaving the private sector to work in the civil service, likewise there are other professionals who are leaving the civil service to work in the private sector,” he said.

Earlier this month, some nurses aged above 40 complained that government was allegedly refusing to reinstate them opting for those who were younger.

The nurses said despite government’s pronouncement to reinstate dismissed nurses and midwives, it was allegedly employing those were below the age of 40.

The nurses complained that they had several times been turned away by some officials conducting the selection process at the Ministry of Health.

Government recently expressed concern at the shortage of health professionals in public institutions.

Health Deputy Minister, Chitalu Chilufya said the government was concerned at the rate at which the public health sector was losing professionals to the private sector after spending huge sums of money training them.

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  1. The most frustrating thing is that. we elect people in leadership roles to to us but when The Jean Kapatas and Sylvia Masebos of this world get into offices they forget that they were once nurses also . Please listen to your comrades and help them out of this terrible mess they are in.

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