Felix Ngoma says he will go back to Sudan

The United Nations (UN) International Organisation for Migration (IOM) humanitarian worker Felix Ngoma who was abducted by the notorious Sudanese terrorist group, the Janjaweed arrived back home yesterday and pledged that he would go back to Sudan to continue with promoting peace in the war-torn country.

Mr Ngoma has paid glowing tribute to the Zambian and Sudanese governments for having safely negotiated his release.

Mr Ngoma who was abducted on July 6th 2014 while going to his home from work in Nyala said he was moved by the humanitarian efforts from the United Nations, the International Organisation for Migration, the UN System, the Sudanese government in the negotiations for his safe release from the Janjaweed terrorist group.

He said soon after his release, the Sudanese government briefed him about the press statements that were being issued by both the Zambian and Sudanese government in securing his safe release.

Mr Ngoma looking calm and jovial said he was happy to have been released stating that it was pleasing to come back home to unite with his family.

Asked by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba if he would consider going back to Sudan after being released by the Janjaweed, Mr Ngoma answered in the affirmative.

And Mr Kalaba said government was happy that Mr Ngoma had been released safely stating that the quiet negotiation had in fact lasted for three weeks.

Mr Kalaba said President Sata was delighted that Mr Ngoma had finally arrived back home after his abduction by the Janjaweed.

Meanwhile the UN Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan said she was happy that Mr Ngoma had been released and handed over to the Zambian government.

International Organisation for Migration Chief of Mission Dr Andrew Choga said his organisation was pleased to hand over Mr Ngoma to the Zambian government.

Mr Ngoma was released on July 25th 2014 after being hostage by the Janjaweed fwho were demanding US$1 million ransom or 19 days.