Luapula fuel shortage talk irks Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says it is surprising that the MMD has chosen to politicise the shortage of fuel in Mansa when Luapula Province is undergoing unprecedented development under the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

Mr Kalaba said it was politically incorrect for MMD president Nevers Mumba to pick an isolated incident in Mansa to attack government instead of appreciating the number of economic infrastructure developments taking place in the region.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was shocking that Dr Mumba could attack government when the people of Mansa had witnessed a lot of development in the last two years the PF had been in power.

Mr Kalaba said Dr Mumba had not been in Mansa for a long time and that the new face of the district could have surprised the MMD president because for a long time the region had been lagging in development.

He said the face of Mansa and the entire Luapula Province had completely changed with infrastructure development and that it was only fair for the former ruling party to give credit where it was due.

Mr Kalaba said for the first time in history, Mansa district had seen the installation of traffic lights and that the shortage of fuel in the district was as a result of the traditional ceremony that was took place in Mwansabombwe.

He said government had embarked on the construction of hospitals, rural health centers and that the lives of the people were changing as a result of the employment that had been created by the economic infrastructure developments.

Mr Kalaba explained that government was currently working on the Mansa-Luwingu Road and that it was important that politicians endeavoured to give hope to citizens instead of concentrating on disparaging each other.

“I am taken by surprise that my brother Dr Mumba who is MMD president is alleging that Luapula Province has been neglected in development. I am sure Dr Mumba has not been to Luapula for a long time and it might be difficult for him appreciate the development taking place in the region. He has taken advantage of one particular incidence to attack and condemn government. I know politicking is good but it is incorrect to politicise an isolated incidence when Mansa is now boasting of having street lights. There are a lot of economic infrastructure developments that Dr Mumba should have been talking about,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said people in the region were appreciating the efforts of government in improving their lives and that it was important for political leaders particularly those in the opposition to sell themselves by telling Zambians what they would do for them and avoid maligning the ruling party. Mr Kalaba who is PF Bahati member of Parliament said Zambians were no longer interested in politicians whose agenda was to politically trivialize the development that was taking place across the country.

He explained that government was currently upgrading Chishimba Falls and other waterfalls in the region to increase electricity generation so that power outages could be reduced to the barest minimum.

Yesterday, Dr Mumba asked the PF government to quickly sort out the fuel shortage in Luapula Province to enable productivity in the region adding that the fuel shortage in Mansa was causing a lot of problems among the people.

One thought on “Luapula fuel shortage talk irks Kalaba

  1. If honorable Kalaba is truthful in what he is saying about the so called unprecedented development in Luapula province I feel he must not make a fuss about what Dr. Nevers Mumba is fact I equally concur with Dr. Nevers Mumba. My reasoning is in a scenario where you achieve unprecedented development you’ll not experience fuel shortages. in short Kalaba is a political liar who should not be taken seriously.

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