Politics of substance

Politicians should take seriously Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe’s advice that politicians should refrain from politics of name calling and character assassination.

The Mwata has said that being a political leader required one to have a big and accommodating heart which allowed room for one’s members as well as non-members.

He advised politicians to desist from engaging in petty politics of name calling and insults as doing so would only damage the politicians themselves.

The Mwata said politics of insults would not take Zambia anywhere as the electorate and Zambians in general were looking for messages of hope from their political leaders.

Sadly, the Zambian political scene has not been as friendly as it should be as most times some politicians have developed a tendency of dwelling on personalities than issues that would promote national development.

Most Zambian politicians have not developed the art and culture of identifying national problems and providing solutions that would help the citizenry.

What we see and hear most times in the political arena are messages that go to disparage the participants rather than criticizing the application of development strategies.

It seems this could be the more reason why signing a social contract with politicians in Zambia has been difficult as they promise wonders without caring about the implication and whether they possess the necessary expertise to implement their political promises.

As political parties prepare for 2016 elections, we are urging politicians to reorganize their political parties and put in place structures which will position them in good stead to catch the desires of the electorate and Zambians in general.

From indication, it appears the Zambian populace will prove difficult to feed on lies and political rhetoric.

They are no longer a gullible entity to applaud whatever fake promises on the plate of politicians.

It is time politicians started designing messages that will capture the desires of Zambians and not who has the worst malice and character assassination strategy. This cannot happen unless political parties hired professionals who will help them design messages that affect the electorate.

These messages should also have possible solutions to the many challenges affecting Zambians. 

The starting point is for politicians to heed the Mwata’s advice by having a big heart for their members and ordinary people.

It is the expectation of Zambians that politicians, despite their diverse opinions of how best to govern the country, should cultivate a culture of talking to each other and not shouting at each other.

The Mwata is concerned that political party leaders spend so much of their campaign time talking about each other and not what they would do for the country.

It is our understanding that politics must never be a contest of insults but that the desire to govern must be propelled by the economic and social challenges the country is facing.