Libongani must resign

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani must resign with immediate effect for allegedly allowing her aides to beat up Senanga Member of Parliament Likando Mufalali, says People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti.

He said Ms Libongani must explain her action, considering that she was at the scene but failed to order her junior officers to stop beating an innocent citizen.

“Ms Libongani must come out clear because she is the top most officer in the institution where she can instruct her officers to do anything, and being at the scene and failIing to protect a citizen was the greatest embarrassment to the country,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said the IG must apologise to the people of Zambia for what had happened to the law maker.

And Operation Young Vote executive director Guess Nyirenda said the law should take its course against Inspector General of Police’s aides who beat up the MP as there is no legislation which prevents any citizen from driving behind the police’s motorcade.

He said he was calling for justice because the Police officers involved belonged to an institution that was supposed to protect and respect the rights of citizens.

Mr Nyirenda was reacting to reports that Inspector General of Police’s aides on Monday beat up and threatened to shoot Mr Mufalali for allegedly interfering with the Police chief’s high speed convoy on the Ndola -Lusaka highway.

He said the behaviour of the police was not acceptable and could never be justified.

“If the police officers feel that the IG deserves safety, who doesn’t deserve safety in this country, and does it mean that the police must beat or threaten citizens when they are executing their duties?,” Mr Nyirenda asked.

He said the Zambia Police should tell the nation whether their duty is to beat up suspects instead of arresting them and taking them to court.

Mr Nyirenda said it was wrong for the police to justify their beating of Mr Mufalali as a security measure to protect Ms Libongani.

He challenged the police to state whether there was any citizen in Zambia who was not important, adding that everyone’s life was precious.

Mr Nyirenda said Ms Libongani should have prevailed upon her aides not to beat up Mr Mufalali because her institution was expected to protect citizens.

He said Police should not have assaulted the MP even if they suspected he had wrong motives for following the Inspector General’s motorcade.

“It is good that such a scenario happened in her (Ms Libongani) presence and she has seen how brutal her police officers are. It is not justifiable to beat someone for just following the motorcade, especially that it was in the highway,” he said.

Mr Nyirenda said Mr. Mufalali deserved protection and that the IG’s presence as a mother was security enough.

“We are her children as youths in this country and we deserve her protection, just like any other mother can provide  to her children. And to make matters worse, if this things had happened to someone who cannot be recognized, those police officers could have definitely killed him,’ he said.

And Mr Mufalali yesterday managed to obtain a police report at Lusaka’s Central Police.

“I managed to get the report at the central police so that I can access medication. I am very much sure that the officer who gave me the report will be under pressure,” he said. Mr Mufalali said he would write to the Speaker of the National Assembly to complain as the Police officers confiscated his identity card, together with his car keys.

“The police officers are still holding my parliamentary identity card and my car keys, of which I am writing to the speaker of the National Assembly so that they can bring them back,” he said.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga said the police would investigate the matter.