Mukinge Hospital gets cervical cancer clinic

Government in partnership with the Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) has donated equipment for setting up a permanent cervical cancer screening clinic at Mukinge Mission Hospital in Kasempa district.

University Teaching Hospital (UTH) gynaecologist  Abby Makukula said the Ministry of Health with its cooperating partners has set up permanent cervical cancer screening clinics in six districts including  Kasempa.

“Ministry of Health in partnership with CIDRZ and red ribbon campaign has donated equipment by using the PEMFER funding to set up cervical cancer screen clinics in districts among which Kasempa is benefiting,” he said.

Dr Makukula said over 160, 000 women have been screened since the establishment of screening clinics in the districts since 2005.

He was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayekesi and highlighted that Zambia has been ranked number two  in cervical cancer infections among third world countries.

Mr Kayekesi welcomed the initiative and promised government support towards making the programme successful.

He called for massive sensitization of the cancer screening clinic by way of coming up with mechanism that all women who pass through the hospital should be screened for cervical cancer.

“This is a welcome initiative as government we are ready to support you all the way by ensuring that the message about the clinic is spread to all women,” he said.

He noted that the PF campaign promise of bringing health services closer to the people such as setting up of the cervical cancer clinic was testimony of government’s concern about the people of Kasempa.

Dr Makukula called on women in Kasempa to utilize the clinic which has been brought closer in order to help reduce the burden of travelling long distances to provincial centers for screening.

The clinic is targeting all sexually exposed women including the HIV/AIDS patients who are about five times more at risk of contracting the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer.