Women politicians must prove national ability

Women seeking the Presidency in 2016 have been challenged to show the reason why they should be supported and elected to the country’s top job.

Senior Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people of Chipata told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that women should prove their leadership capacity and capability to understand and resolve the challenges the nation was facing.

He said he would not encourage the idea of giving chance to women to take up leadership position without showing that they had the capacity to run the nation.

Chief Madzimawe said female politicians should like their male counterparts fight for top decision making positions including that of the President if they wanted to add value to the leadership and politics of the nation.

He said there was nobody who would give women leadership roles on a Silver platter, adding that those seeking the support and Presidency in 2016 should show the reason why they must be elected.

The traditional leader said all those seeking to ascend to the office of the Republican President should show their capacity and capability to deliver development and address the many problems the nation was facing by explaining what they would do if elected into government in the next election.

Senior Chief Madzimawe was commenting on the proposal by Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba of the Illa speaking people of Namwala’s Mbeza area that Zambians should start identifying a female presidential candidate to contest the 2016 general elections because men have allegedly failed the people of Zambia.

Chief Madzimawe said the problems the nation was facing did not necessarily mean the failure of men to govern but that they were complicated and needed leaders with the capacity and capability to understand the current economic challenges.

“It’s only fair that the political landscape is made even for women’s participation in politics. They have to fight for positions in order to command respect from the people they want to lead. I don’t see the current problems the nation is facing to be the reason why we should give chance to women to ascend to the top,” he said.

And Chief Madzimawe has observed that bad traditional practices against women have contributed to the low women participation in decision making positions.

“Bad traditional practices worked against women. Look at the saying that women belonging to the kitchen, such practices hindered them from speaking out, stopped them from participating in various leadership positions and that it is why today, women have realised that such practices are bad for the governance of the nation,” he said.

Chief Madzimawe said women were equal partners in leadership, adding that they needed to fight for what they wanted.

“Let them assume leadership on merit. We should not give them leadership for the sake of being women just because men have been governing since independence of the country. They have to prove it; there is no time to push them. Let them fight for positions,” he said.

Last week, FDD president Edith Nawakwi said Zambia was ready to have a female president in 2016 because men had allegedly failed to inspire the people of Zambia.

Ms. Nawakwi was supported by Senior Chief Nalubamba who challenged women to identify a credible female candidate with the passion to lead Zambia out of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.