Kaputa DC lashes out at RDA for delayed works

Kaputa District Commissioner (DC), Chrispine Kachusha, has lashed out at the Road Development Agency (RDA) for the slow pace of work on the Kumusenga Bridge in her district.

Mr Kachusha said it was uncalled for, for the RDA to fail to complete the construction of the bridge within the stipulated time frame.

He said the bridge was of great benefit to the district as it connected Kaputa to Nsama district and also served as a link to Nsumbu, a trading area where many businessmen in Kaputa frequented for trade.

Mr Kachusha noted that continued delays in completing the bridge had greatly affected businessmen who had continued asking for updates on the infrastructure.

“The road is of great economic value to Kaputa because many of our businessmen use this route for trade but the continued delay has affected their business. And because of this, businessmen are now coming to my office asking when this bridge will be fixed so that they start normal business,” he said. Mr Kachusha said this when he inspected works at the Bridge in Kaputa on Monday.

The DC, who quizzed the RDA official as to why some machines that were promised were not available at the site, suspected that money was diverted to other areas of use.

“If you budgeted for equipment in your bill of quantities and machines are not available when they were funded, it means that the money was diverted. Why should you be using people to do the work which a machine was supposed to do?” he asked. Mr Kachusha directed the agency to source equipment which was needed to undertake the work for them to complete the works on time.

He also advised the agency to create an alternative route for vehicles to pass when they would be working on the culverts at Mwawe Bridge.

“You have taken too long to work on the bridge and we will not allow you to again disturb our people from travelling when you will be working on the culverts. You must see to it that you create an alternative route for vehicles to pass,” he said. Meanwhile, an RDA official, Kedric Mwangala, claimed that the construction has been completed and only minor works were pending to be done. Mr Mwangala, who is the project leader, however, said the bridge would be opened to the public at the end of next week.

He added that the agency would also start working on the culverts on Mwawe River once it was done with Kamusenga Bridge. Mr Mwangala assured the DC that diversion for vehicles to pass would be constructed while workers would be working on the culverts.

The Kamusenga Bridge and the five culverts on the Kaputa-Nsama road were washed away in March this year because of rains but government gave the contract to RDA to work on the damaged infrastructure.