Our wards are bigger than some Lusaka constituencies

A civic leader of Luwingu in Northern Province has appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider increasing the number of wards and polling stations in the district.

Munshinga ward councillor Kenny Mulenga made the appeal in an interview with ZANIS in Luwingu on Tuesday.

Mr Mulenga observed that some wards in Luwingu district are bigger than constituencies in Lusaka province making it impossible for councillors to visit and provide developmental guidance to the communities.

He said the ECZ should ensure that wards were reduced in size to achieve maximum development.

Mr Mulenga said the electorate residing near the boundaries of Samfya district vote for the member of Parliament and councillors of Chifunauli constituency who he claimed do not represent them adequately in Parliament and local government because of the huge distances involved.

He said most polling stations in Lupososhi constituency are found far apart, making it difficult for people, especially women to walk long distances to exercise their right to vote during elections. Mr Mulenga cited the communities surrounding Mwampanda community school as one of the communities voting in Chifunauli constituency of Samfya district in Luapula province.

The councillor said the ECZ should consider increasing the number of polling station so that as many people as possible in Lupososhi and Lubansenshi constituencies have an opportunity to vote for a candidate who would represent them in Parliament in 2016.