Police arrest attempted rapist

Police in Nchelenge district have arrested a 30-year-old man for allegedly attempting to rape two women.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Malcolm Mulenga identified the suspect as Kalenga Mpindampinda of Mukumbwa village in Kambwali chiefdom.

Mr. Mulenga said in a statement released to ZANIS in Nchelenge that the culprit attempted to rape two women at different times on Monday between 10: 00 hours and 11: 00 hours at Kenani Rubber fields.

He said Mpindampinda had since been formerly charged with two counts of attempted rape and that he was in detention at the Nchelenge Police station.

Mr Mulenga explained that the culprit systematically targeted unsuspecting women on their cassava fields.

He said the suspect allegedly attacked Mable Mwape aged 38 of Shikapambwe village in chief Kambwali’s area around 11: 00 hours on Monday this week.

The provincial Police Chief said Mpindampinda allegedly ambushed Ms Mwape along the bush path from her cassava field and tore her pant and shirt into pieces while dragging her into the nearby bush.

Mr. Mulenga however explained that the victim fought back and squeezed the attacker’s private parts to defeat him and ran away to alert villagers.

He indicated that Ms Mwape sustained a swollen right eye and left cheek in the ensuing fight.

Mr Mulenga said the villagers apprehended the suspect and handed him over to the police at the Nchelenge office.

Commissioner Mulenga said earlier the suspect had allegedly waylaid and attacked  20-year-old Maggie Chipili also of Shikapambwe village.

The Provincial Police Chief said the suspect attacked Chipili on her away from her cassava field on Monday around 10: 00 hours.

He noted that the victim managed to free from the attacker and reported the matter to police.-ZANIS